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The decade ahead has the potential to be a turning point in human history. The exhibition explores the intersection of science and art through a very particular genre in the world of design, the poster. meet 9  of the  30  participating posters and learn!


In these informative posters made by high school students and from the Pan American University within the framework of the XII Universitas Forum with the theme University and sustainable development, you will be offered countless opportunities to expand your knowledge, criteria and way of seeing the world. This exhibition recognizes the efforts to solve the biggest problems of our current world, and seeks to channel critical analysis of the concept of sustainability that seeks to establish itself in the world as the dominant social development paradigm.  


"We see sustainability, both environmental and social, as a powerful path to innovation and is a crucial part of our knowledge strategy." - Mark Parker  


The exhibition shows that scientific study and graphic design have much more to do with each other than we usually think. The Department of Humanities and the Department of Art and Culture of the Guadalajara campus invite you to reflect through art. And how can you help the planet? After visiting this exhibition, you will surely have some ideas that you can take into action to achieve a more sustainable world.


Enjoy the wonderful proposals on how to change the world from the point of view of a student at a click away.  



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