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chorus UP

"CoroUP was an unforgettable experience, in addition to many memories and friendships, you acquire new skills for your personal and professional development, I learned to combine what I like the most, my career and music."   

- Jorge Andres Gonzalez Gonzalez


- Represent the University musically with a group of top artistic quality.

-Form a community of students with tastes and interests for music.

-Train students with the necessary musical bases for the quality standards of a university representative group.

-Promote characteristics of leadership and responsibility by involving them in the management of the choir.

-Generate standards for cultural companies that they can apply to their own projects.


To be a representative group of the Universidad Panamericana fulfilling the commitments with the best quality, training and raising awareness among students through singing.



Being a group with excellent vocal and human quality.

"There have been 8 semesters in choir and I have made the most of each event. I never thought of working in a team with engineers, communicologists, businessmen, not even with pedagogues or psychopedagogues from other semesters, however the music  It has united us and I am not the same since I came to choir, but better. I thank Art and Culture for trusting me and for so many teachings they have given me." 


-Arantxa Castilleja Newton

Concert with UP CDMX Choir

20 March 2014

Mexico City

UP CDMX Auditorium

May Cultural Festival

08 May 2017

Saint Mary of Grace

University Encounter of the Arts

11 April 2014

Throat cut theatre

Gala concert UNIVA

23 September 2017


Great Beatles Concert  


May 6, 2014 

Polyforum UP

Music Mondays

05 September 2016


Anthem of the Pan American University  


November 17, 2017

Pan American University CDMX Campus

Revolutions per minute

April 23 to 25, 2018



April 27, 2018

Major Seminary

May culture festival

8 May 2018

Santa Monica 

Decades Concert  


May 9, 2018

Morelos Theater 


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