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dance up

“Dance for me is freedom, it is a form of expression of my true self. It is my passion, it is my relief. A very transparent, authentic and moving art form.”

Maria Fernanda Hernandez


Artistic group made up of students from the Universidad Panamericana who have a background in technical branches of dance directed by teacher Pablo Jasso. We are a group of people interested in making art through body movement in space, we seek to interpret different images, emotions or situations through our body and choreography. We are brought together by the collective intention to achieve interesting artistic proposals using the choreographic medium and the need to dance and maintain individual development as a dancer.

The Dance group of the Universidad Panamericana was born in January 2014 as a new branch of the Department of Art and Culture. Our first scenic approach to the public is in May 2014 in the Cultural Week of the University "Artes UP" showing a variety of choreographies accompanied by live music from "The Trax UP".

Overall objective

Sensitize and fully train through the dance experience, committing the participants to the Art and Culture project



That young people learn from the dance experience and pass it on to the new generations and then go out to meet and apply their new recreational skills in other groups and/or show their new work techniques in their next professional activities. All this with ethical training, quality and a Christian vision of life, so that they aspire to professional fulfillment and in life.


Particular objectives

Train students in parallel with the values of the university

  • Assemble quality works that show work and dedication

  • Learn corporal expression tools to apply in your careers.

  • Train students in the scenic area and dance production.

“It is the best way to express and feel what
What do you want to feel at that moment? The
best way to learn to know you and
Discover what you are capable of creating. Is
where body, soul and mind are connected.”

Rosa Gabriela Preciado

Concert Skill

February 2016

UP Dance in Concert

November 2016

National Jazz Dance Congress Vallarta


February 2017

Fusion UP: Pan the Musical

May 2017 / PALCCO

Revolutions per minute

November 2017

Revolutions per minute

April 2018 / Performing Arts Ensemble

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