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UP instruments

"I wouldn't be the same musician or the same person if I hadn't walked through those doors asking for a place to practice"


-David Castellanos


UP Instruments has participated in countless events of different kinds, from social work events to recordings and concerts for multidisciplinary works such as Revolutions Per Minute in the Performing Arts Ensemble (CAE). The artistic link and the generation of an environment of integral growth have been the hallmark that makes us a musical group aimed at generating value through inclusion and leadership.


Train people with values who care about their musical and personal growth and that of their society through this artistic expression.



To be a university musical reference where we are distinguished for seeking the common good through the interpretation of musical works of various genres.



Publicize both performed and unreleased music at high-impact events.

That our audience identifies with us for the quality of interpretation and for our identity of human growth and development.



"Instrumentos is a group that seeks to train leaders and increase musical culture"


-Edgar Sanchez

dexterity in concert

November 2016

Christmas UP

December 2017

Christmas UP

December 2016

Revolutions per minute

April 2018

Presentation in Trompo Mágico with DIF Zapopan


February 2017

Composition and recording for Pan el Musical in Palcco


May 2017

Presentation at Morelos Theater, Aguascalientes


May 2018

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