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Recognition to Ana Pau Villalpando.

Combining studies and work, Ana Paula Villalpando has demonstrated high performance, rigor, passion and excellence as a student at the Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara


Ana Pau is a student of Audiovisual Communication and an intern in Art & Culture, on February 29 she participated in the international competition "Monsters of Hip Hop". Ana Pau and her team won first place in more than one category. “UP has helped me to be persevering and disciplined, but above all it has made me realize that you can dedicate to your passion and get ahead despite the obstacles and what others say.” Ana Pau commented.


"Monsters of Hip Hop" is a convention that travels different cities in the United States with the best hip hop dancers and choreographers in the industry. This year's competition was held in Orlando, Florida.

Ana Pau comments "having left the country and sharing the experience with dancers of all levels makes me realize where I want to go and how I will do it."


Ana Pau competed in two categories, against twelve groups in each: Large group 13-16 years and Line group 17+ years. In both, Ana Paula and her team won first place, in addition to receiving an honorary award from the judges in the second category mentioned. The recognitions included a direct pass to the showcase in Los Angeles this summer along with the other winning groups. Ana Paula also created a choreography for category 8 and under in the competition "Monsters of Hip Hop" where students she teaches in Guadalajara participated, obtaining the first place and the best score in her category. In total in the contest 49 groups competed in one of the categories.


She also shared the importance of having a hobby. “Having a hobby, in my opinion, is having a motivation. An activity that makes you want to excel yourself, increases your security, gives you values such as discipline, responsibility, strength and character. ”

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