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“Teatro UP was a complement to my professional training and to my life. It helped me to consolidate myself as a person. It was a group that showed me the value of my voice, of being part of a team and fulfilling commitments. It was totally like a mine full of learning.”

- Lucero Canton, Alumni


Teatro UP has carried out a series of works with different themes so that the spectator can see the work of the students, because they are the ones in charge of the production of the work, whether in scenery, costumes, props, voices, choreography. and assembly. These stagings seek to generate emotion and memory in the spectator public.

A video is recorded of all the works that is documented  with the entire production portfolio of the work,  recorded an album of the musical “CATS”, of which we had  two seasons. Musical works are presented and  dramatic so there is variety. below a  list of works that have been presented in theater up.

Assemble plays with the participation of students both in
production and on stage, so that they learn to be proactive and
to solve problems creatively, thus giving young people
comprehensive training.

That young people learn from the theatrical experience and pass it on to new generations and then
get to know and apply their new recreational skills in other companies and/or show their
new work techniques in their next professional activities. All this with ethical training,
quality and Christian vision of life, so that they aspire to fullness professionally and in life.

-Train students in parallel with the values of the
-Mount quality works that show work and
-Increase the number of people who attend the works
according to semesters.
-Train students in the scenic area and production

"Teatro Up has been a constant growth for me where I have always learned from incredible people. It has taught me to believe in myself and to unite my work with my passion"


- Wendy Figueroa, Current member of the UP Theater Representative Group


Place: Farmhouse
Year: May 2011


Place: Central Esplanade
Year: September 2012

Barioná the Son of Thunder

Place: Cortijo
Year: November 2012

Medley by Andrew Loyd Weber

Place: Cortijo
Year: May 2013

cats season 1

Place: Central Esplanade
Year: November 2013

Jury in Contention

Location: Poliforum
Year: April 2015

Agrabah nights

Location: Poliforum
Year:2015-2 May 2015

Origin of Neverland

Location: Poliforum
Year:2017-1. November 2016

bread the musical

Year:2017-2 May 2017

is cured

Location: Poliforum
Year: October 2018 2019-1

The Gerbera and the snow

Place: Farmhouse
Year: April 2014

The Legend of the Nahuala

Location: Poliforum
Year:2015-October 1, 2015

Mortuus Regem (two seasons)

Location: Ex-IPADE building
Year: 2018-1: October 2017 and 2018-2 May 2018

Bipartita- the Fat and the Skinny and Diary of a Crazy

Place: Central Esplanade
Year: March 2013

cats season 2

Location: Poliforum
Year: May 2014

Why did I get married

Place: Poliforum, Galleries Theater and Chaplin
Year: 2016-1 and :2016-2 April 2016

-Revolutions per minute

Venue: Performing Arts Ensemble
Year: 2018-1: November 2017 and 2018-1 April 2018

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